Billboard's FutureSound Conference: Highlights

This week, Billboard hosted a conference called Future Sound in San Francisco. The conference featured panels and keynote speeches from several industry veterans and prominent musicians. We've selected some interesting highlights below.

Business conferences are all the rage in the music world. This past week, Billboard hosted a very industry-heavy conference aimed at discussing some of the core issues that arise when dollar signs and music notes collide. The conference featured some of the most prominent figures not only in EDM, but in the worldwide music industry in general. Some of the highlights:

- The always-entertaining bad boy of EDM, Deadmau5, took to the stage to discuss the money-making gimmicks that are rampant in the industry today, and how his cat got so many fans. 

- The head of music for superagency William Morris Endeavor, Marc Geiger, took to the stage to illuminate how he believes subscriptions will save the music industry

- Investor Fred Wilson highlighted some of the difficulties involved in getting a startup venture off the ground given the state of the music business. 

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