Daft Punk to Headline Coachella 2013

Following months of rumors surrounding Daft Punk's newest album and tour, the first official confirmation has accidentally been released. Read below for the full story.

After months of rumors surrounding Daft Punk's newest album as well as their upcoming European tour, it appears as if we finally have the first official confirmation of the legendary duo's return.

This email was accidentally sent by the live-music alert service Songkick to those subscribed to Daft Punk alerts through their site's concert notification system. It confirms earlier, unconfirmed reports that Daft Punk would be headlining Coachella in 2013.

Songkick was bombarded with requests for confirmation through their Twitter page. Their response: "[U]nfortunately, this is not confirmed - the lineup has been removed + locked down until the official announcement."

This suggests that the performance has been agreed upon, but that Coachella and the Daft Punk team are working on the specific way in which they would like it announced.

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