Editor's Choice: Amtrac

Each week, one producer, DJ, compilation, or album gets chosen for our "Editor's Choice" feature. This week's featured artist is US house producer Amtrac, whose newest release is a must-listen. Read below for the full story.

by Albert Berdellans, Editor-in-Chief

Looking for someone with a large collection of creatively funky House? DJ/Producer Amtrac could be one of Florida’s best-kept secrets with his glitched-out, refreshingly chill house beats with his newest EP “Those Days”. And dig a little deeper past his most recent work on Soundcloud to his “Came Along” LP, where you’ll find some different takes from him, with “I’m All Yours” and “Romance,” some sweet Trap and Dubstep-like gems like with the same sort of funky originality.

I first heard Amtrac's name and sound in the elitist house scene in Miami. With internationally renowned producers coming to town on a daily basis, even the mid-level talent has to be incredible to stand out. Luckily, Amtrac is one of those artists that you can keep as your own personal secret for those moments when you absolutely must have an amazing song that no one else has.

My picks from his considerable musical arsenal are below. Enjoy!

Check out Amtrac on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter. Watch this guy. His sound is really mature, unique, and refreshing. He'll go far with it.