Editor's Choice: Viceroy

Each week, one producer, DJ, compilation, or album gets chosen for our "Editor's Choice" feature. This week we feature Nu-Disco prodigy Viceroy, whose eternal summertime anthems have been getting a ton of attention. Read our recommendations for Viceroy's music below.

by Albert Berdellans, Editor-in-Chief

This week, we've been feeling the winter blues a little bit at The EDM Network's offices. So, we've been channeling the spirit of summer with Viceroy's Nu-Disco jams.

A lot of music tries to bring about a happy atmosphere and mood. A few succeed, but we have never seen someone do it as well as Viceroy. Usually Nu-Disco tracks are cheesy because they rely too much on funk elements, but Viceroy's songs are distinctly house. Not only that, they are extremely clean, professional, and crisp-sounding house.

It's easy to imagine these tracks blaring through pool party speakers and the Corona-fueled dancing and fun-in-the-sun that results. These are really upbeat, playful songs for people who just want to enjoy the moment. Viceroy, despite his young age, seems to have a very mature and developed theme to his music and it comes through in both his singles and his mixes. It's refreshing to see an artist that doesn't insist on taking himself so seriously.

Start by downloading this mix:

Then check out these other tracks from Viceroy:

For more info on Viceroy, check out his Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.