The Ultimate Guide to Electric Daisy Carnival: Orlando

In this comprehensive preview and guide, we take on the daunting task of laying out the best way to maximize your experience at the Orlando edition of the Electric Daisy Carnival. Read below for the full story.

(Disclaimer: Any mention of any event or performance in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way represents an approval or endorsement by The EDM Network)

Insomniac Events always puts on a good show. Electric Daisy Carnival: Orlando will be no exception. It will be be a fantastic event that will deliver a memorable experience for attendees, and the talent will deliver a series of impressive performances without being cheesy or overdone. However, missed and mismanaged opportunities by the national Insomniac team will mean that the event will be well-short of elite status, and will be a far cry from their Las Vegas masterpiece. Regardless, for the very reasonable price of a ticket, nearly all who attend will be left very satisfied with their purchase.  
Our Rating: 7.5/10

The issue with being a speciality firm is that you run the risk of being forever tied to your star product, and everything you do after that point is compared to your initial success. Coca-Cola will never have a soda that surpasses the original. Kentucky Fried Chicken will never be known for their amazing mashed potatoes. For Insomniac Events, their Las Vegas edition of Electric Daisy Carnival will forever be the standard to which all of their other festivals are compared.

If you are expecting the Orlando edition of the Electric Daisy Carnival to compare to the original, you are sorely mistaken. There are a lot of logistical things that will make the experience, although not necessarily worst. Before we get into that, though, there are a few mind-blowingly mishandled issues that simply can not be ignored.

As of today (November 6th) we are three days away from the festival. The dates and times of performances have still not been announced. Insomniac Events is apparently known for this. They will most likely attribute this to their "YOU are the headliner" slogan and argue that the specific acts aren't important. It's about the experience.

While we always try to give an event the benefit of the doubt beforehand and allow them to prove their point, this is a total disregard of their fans that have any semblance of real lives. If an event offers single-day tickets, people should be able to know the performances that will happen on that day in advance. If someone have a job that requires that they work one of those two days, you are essentially forcing them to gamble that they are scheduling their work and purchasing tickets for the correct day. Insomniac knows what days each performer will play because they specifically booked them for that date. By refusing to release the information, they are showing an incredible disregard for their fans in the name of proving an artistic point.

Regardless, Insomniac is to be commended on the talent that was booked. The people that initially complained about the bookings simply do not know anything about EDM. There is a mix of incredibly talented producers that play dubstep, house, trance, drum and bass, breaks, moombahton...the list continues. The only legitimate complaint initially was that there was virtually no tech on the lineup. With phase two, that concern was addressed. So to the educated ear there is an extremely complete and thorough mix of popular and obscure, old and new, and Insomniac is to be commended. We can not stress enough how difficult it is to achieve such a balanced lineup. The price for a two day pass (around $150) is amazing considering the talent present.

Every indication we have from our sources is that production for this event will be the absolute best that money can buy. That, combined with Insomniac's knack for creating fun and interesting festival atmospheres, will make this an event to remember.

The one major thing that holds this event back is the fact that it ends at midnight and starts at 1pm. Luckily, the Florida daytime weather is beautiful this time of year, but it is extremely unlikely that people will want to end their night at midnight. Usually, festivals compensate for this by having official afterparties at local venues.

Inexplicably, Insomniac has not announced any, leading every local promoter and DJ from large to small to try to plan one. It is incredibly disorganized and will inevitably lead to many disappointed afterparty experiences from people who had no idea where to go, but some of the options are very promising. 

The set times for the festival are below, as well as our picks for afterparties.

Main Festival Schedule

The Schedule for Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

Friday's Afterparty:

Our pick for Friday's afterparty is the show at Vain Orlando featuring Mednas, who is the resident DJ at Liv in Miami. He's by far one of the best resident DJs at any club in the US. Don't miss it. Tickets can be purchased here. (currently $10)

On Friday, November 9th, Liv resident DJ, Mednas, plays the EDC Orlando afterparty at Vain.

Saturday's Afterparty:

Our pick for Saturday's afterparty is much more rave-style, so if you don't enjoy that sort of thing you should proceed with caution. Drum and Bass legend AK1200 is hosting this aircraft hangar rave with a ton of really great local talent from various genres. For us, this is a perfect way to end the weekend. Tickets can be purchased here.

Our pick for Saturday's afterparty