When It Rains, It Pours-- Even for Steve Aoki

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. High-flying superstar Steve Aoki has been a walking reminder of that fact this past week as a series of unfortunate events has met the artists at every turn. Read below for our full account of the events as they unfolded.

This Halloween season, Steve Aoki has been having more tricks than treats during recent gigs. Whether he opened an umbrella while indoors, encountered the wrong black cat, or caked the wrong gypsy, we can’t help but feel sympathy for the streak of unfortunate events during Steve Aoki shows from Puerto Rico to Madrid.

Everyone knows the death defying Dim Mak front man knows how to party. The energy of his quasi-theatrical DJ sets include hours of raver rafting, cake throwing, and sometimes even a trampoline. On October 27th, during a party at Circotic in Puerto Rico, what Aoki thought would be a routine trampoline stage-dive turned into an unexpected ‘Emergency.' While attempting to jump from the stage onto a trampoline, the DJ caught a bit of air, but hit the corner of the stage pretty hard and fell to the ground.

In the video below entitled "‘Aoki Trampoline Ultimate Fail," you can watch as everything unfolds. Notice security immediately rushes to his aid. The ‘Dangerous’ producer takes a few minutes before standing back up, assuring the crowd he was ‘A-OK’ throughout twitter after the rest of the show.

Aoki even joked through tweets about the irony of the mishap, as he was donning a Kr3w ‘Protect Your Neck’ tee during the time of the incident. Walking out of a Puerto Rico hospital with a neck brace, the blow-by-blow account of the aftermath continues in photo collages made on Instagram. One included the four photos from jump to fall, while the other collage gave fans a recap from ambulance ride to the emergency room of Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Just days after ‘The Hospital Gurney Jump,' Steve Aoki headlined a Halloween Party held at the Madrid Arena in Spain. The Thriller Music Park event was supposedly only authorized to admit a total of 10,600 people due to a 12,000 person capacity limit, but complaints from attendees flew in on social media of the venue being vastly overcrowded, leaving little to no breathing room.

When push came to shove (literally), the chaotic, overcrowded venue became a nightmare for three unlucky victims. Medical personnel responded to an emergency call regarding two unconscious, unresponsive victims, attending to a total of five people on the scene. Reports say victims were treated for trauma from being trampled or perhaps a fall amidst an unforgiving crowd. Two of the victims were pronounced dead at the venue after 30 minutes of attempted resuscitation, while the third casualty passed away after arriving at the local hospital.

Comments flooded in through Spanish publication El País about there being over 20,000 people present at the venue. “People inside were vomiting, fainting..” said one attendee. While police are still investigating the deaths, indications of a disturbance of some sort within the audience are being looked over to figure out really what caused this Halloween horror. Some witnesses believe that there was only one bottleneck-shaped exit while other witnesses are reporting that there were around 10 exits available during the time of the stampede.

Regardless of specific logistics, one thing is certain: Aoki cares. In a statement issued immediately after the news had broke about the deaths during the Madrid show, Steve Aoki expressed his devastation for the victims and families. In honor of the tragedy, his November 1st show in Bilibao, Spain was cancelled.

Although the two incidents are not related in any way, it seems as though Steve Aoki can’t catch a break. The resilient party animal has been plagued by misfortune throughout the past week before embarking on his European tour, and we wish him nothing but good luck moving forward. Throughout the tragedy and the trampolines, we know Aoki will prevail with more champagne, more cake, and of course, more tunes.