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Crate Roundup - Sponsored

A weekly roundup of tracks featured across The EDM Network that are perfect for any and every mood, check out what you might have missed this week!

Sgt Slicks Hits 2014 With a Retro Banger

Melbourne's own Sgt Slick brings two mixes of his upcoming single "Got to Love Somebody."

BLAUS Brews Up Ambient House Excellence

With their New Years Eve set for White Wonderland rapidly approaching, BLAUS is a name you NEED to know sooner rather than later.

Insomniac Announces Valentine's Day CRUSH Event!

Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Events announce the first ever, Valentine's Day event! Pre-Launch Campaign: Day 33

Miami's very own David Solano, the next addition to's founding artists, has provided an exclusive podcast in preparation of the awaited Life In Color, Miami!

Top 5 BBC Radio One Essential Mixes from 2013

Discover five, carefully selected BBC Radio One Essential Mixes from 2013. The list features artists with impeccable DJ and producing skills, which allow them to star on the most well-known electronic radio shows we've come to know as, BBC Radio One. 

Paul Baumer Gets A Fitting Tribute

The fallen Bingo Players star gets a fitting piano tribute from Visionaire!

Best DJ Instagram Videos of the Week #005

Watch some of the best DJ Instagram videos of the week by Datsik, Dillon Francis, Protohype, Getter and more!

Flula Creates a Techno Banger With Anchorman 2 Cast

BOOM! Did that really just happen? Flula just made a techno banger with the Anchorman 2 cast.

UKF On Tour With Bassnectar

Bassnectar allowed UKF to follow him around closely for part of his Immersive Music Tour. Check out the unreal footage from his live performances!

Electric Forest 2014: The Journey Begins

Insomniac Events will celebrate its 4th year of Electric Forest this summer in Rothbury, Michigan!

Deadmau5 Launches Official Platform - "Deadmau5 Live"

Introducing The official site where all Deadmau5 fans are able to participate in live streams, download exclusive music, communicate in group chats and more! 

Twerking Set To Begin Its Worldwide Domination

The Twerk Bug has infected those who are overseas, and it's only a matter of time before the entire world is next!

Oakenfold Dazzles in Reddit AMA

Paul Oakenfold took to Reddit to answer fan's questions, and it certainly failed to disappoint!

Today's Top 5

We've compiled a collection of our five favorite dubstep tracks featured on our Youtube channel during the past month. Join us for what promises to be an epic journey through Today's Top 5.

Mat Zo Holds Live Chat on Soundrop

Mat Zo held a chat on Soundrop today, and it was utter chaos for all involved. But despite the disorganization, the producer did his best to answer questions from loyal fans.